Rapid Results Technology

Rapid Results Technology (RRT) is a technology developed by 1C Company designed for use in the implementation of programs on the “1C: Enterprise” platform. Project completion using RRT consists of four phases (phase three is repeated an unlimited number of times until completion of the project operations):


The technology used in the implementation of standard replication solutions in comprehensive projects involving small, medium and large cap business segments.

The technology permits accelerated achievement of results while presenting participants with a number of requirements. Here are the primary ones:

  • the client must be prepared to be seriously involved in the completion of the project;
  • all participants in the process, including decision makers, must be focused on the rapid solution of organizational questions and operational decision making;
  • business consulting “driven beyond” rapid implementation methodology.

The advantages of the application of RRT technology are: rapid and systematic output, a decrease in financial risk for all project participants, and an increase in the overall effectiveness of the implementation.