Project Approach

In project implementation, ALP Group specialists use the following technologies and methodologies:

  • a project approach in accordance with the standards in the PMBOK and the SPQS (Standard PROF Quality System, a methodology developed by 1C related to project management);
  • ALP Group methodologies developed in house for:
    • project management;
    • gathering of information at the investigatory and system planning stage;
    • conducting of test deployment.

Project management standards based on the PMBOK standards are implemented at ALP Group.

Stages in a standard ALP project:




Pre-Contract Operations

Discussions, preparation of contract and commercial proposal

Contract, technical/commercial proposal

Pre-Contract Investigations

Description of the system operational flowchart, description of information flows, justification for the selection of the proposed system, listing of necessary refinements. Description of the operational makeup and length of each stage


Design specification, operational flowchart, project charter

Solution Development

Development of the requirements noted in the “Design Specification”

Project status report, testing procedure program

Training and Prototype Deployment

Employee training, test case work submission

Training protocol, acceptance certificate

Deployment in Production 

Introduction into production operations

Work transfer readiness protocol, acceptance certificate, user documentation and technical service documentation package


Post-Project Assistance  

Assistance after completion of the project

Acceptance certificate

Project Documentation Checklist

Item No.

Type of Document



Technical/Commercial Proposal

Presented by the provider to the client in electronic form


Project Charter

1 copy each of the agreed version held by provider and client


Design Specification

1 copy each held by provider and client


Technical Design

1 copy each held by provider and client


Program and Testing Methodology

1 copy each held by provider and client


User Documentation Package

1 copy each held by provider and client


Records of Meetings

Record of meetings prepared by project administrator and distributed to the meeting participants for approval. Agreed version held by provider in electronic form.



Records of Remarks

Record of remarks prepared by provider and presented to client in both electronic form and hard copy. Held by client and provider



Project Status Report

Report distributed to project office members in electronic form


Training and Instruction Programs

1 copy each held by provider and client

Responsibilities of Project Team Members

Working Group Leader is an employee coordinating the interaction between the client’s business users and the provider’s personnel. Monitors and regulates any questions related to the agreement. Also exercises operational control of the project group. The responsibilities of the working group leader comprise:

  • monitoring the performance of project operations;
  • managing the problem solution process;
  • organizing the work environment for project participants.

Business Application Architect is a member of the project team responsible for the architecture of the business application under development.


  • business decision architecture planning;
  • participation in management of the development and implementation process;
  • development of business solutions related to project documentation;
  • management of the testing and quality review process for the systems developed;
  • evaluation of client requests for the introduction of technical modifications.

Methodologist is an employee dealing with solutions for methodological issues and agreement on methodology with representatives of the Client.

Consultant is an employee involved in the advising and training of users, the adjustment and startup of standard business processes in the system, and conducting internal testing of adjustments.

Developer is an employee responsible for system adjustment. Involved in the development and implementation of new modules and modification of the standard configuration.

 Types of Interaction in the Project 

Type of Interaction

Activity Organization Procedure

Activity Participants

Documentation of Activity Results

Working Group Meeting

Held once a week

Members of working group, project administrator, members of CC

Minutes of meeting

Interview with Client Representative

Determined by the Plan for Completion of Operations by Stage

Determined by the Plan for Completion of Operations by Project Stage

Interview minutes

Acceptance of Work Results

In accordance with the agreement

In accordance with the agreement

Record of Remarks