ALP Group technologies for completion of implementation projects are based the “classic” project approach, in accordance with PMBOK standards and the service provider technologies of 1C Company, including standard implementation technology, project implementation technology, corporate implementation technology and rapid results technology (rapid implementation).

In addition, ALP Group uses its own methodologies developed in-house, adapted to large-scale project conditions:

  • a project approach adapted for the creation of standardized solutions and their replication in the undertaking of corporate projects;
  • their own methodologies devised for assistance and the development of solutions in the corporate sector, based on the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The significance of the distinction lies in the fact that the completion of large projects as a rule requires the creation of standardized programming solutions which must meet the requirements of all management units involved. The basis for the successful creation and subsequent replication of standardized solutions is the intelligent organization of communication and decision making processes that exclude ambiguity at all stages in the completion of the implementation project.

A competence centre (CC) is created to take account of multilateral interests and to find the optimum solution, which is usually made up of the most reputable employees in the largest and most successful branch offices and ALP Group specialists.

After the development of a standardized solution and its implementation in the pilot zone (made up as a rule of 3-5 branch offices, although ALP Group has experience in completing projects where the “pilot” consisted of a larger number of branch offices), further replication of the solution is required.

Replication implies technological and methodological support. The most important function, both at the replication stage and the subsequent support and system development stage, is change management. All changes must be agreed upon by a centralized change committee.

It goes without saying that the success of the project depends on both the provider and the client. ALP Group Company has successful experience in undertaking joint projects with project-driven companies. For client companies where project management needs some improvement, ALP Group employees are prepared to offer successful methodologies and recommendations:

  • recommendations for the creation of project and managing committees;
  • recommendations for the creation of a competency centre;
  • recommendations for the creation of change committees;
  • implementation of a corporate portal for communications between project teams;
  • a specialized operations department (OD) for organization of training;
  • incident accounting systems.

Provision of assistance and system development services is based on the IT Service Management (ITSM) approach and the ITIL. Generally, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is signed with the client that indicates the incident reaction time, split down between “high”, “medium” and “low” priorities. The SLA also normally describes the operational rules for the change committee.

The ALP Group quality management system for information system implementation, assistance and technical support is based on the SPQS (Standard PROF Quality System, a methodology developed by 1C), ISO 9000, the PMBOK and ITIL.