Modern companies that undertake the creation of new automated systems or the modernization of the functionality of existing ones already have, at a minimum, a formalized accounting policy for the purposes of business and tax accounting. In most cases, the business processes of the company are, to a varying degree of reliability, described in some form of instructions, regulations or internal standards.

These documents are reviewed in light of the requirements of automation in the initial stages of the automation project.

Unless there is substantial criticism of these documents, the ALP Group specialists develop proposals for the effective construction of automated systems based on the typical configurations developed by 1C or ALP Group and propose the best automation technologies for the existing duties of the business process participants.

ALP Group specialists develop consulting projects in the following areas:

  • provision of management accounting and reporting;
  • provision of budget management for the company group;
  • consolidation of management reporting.

Operations are carried out based on contracts for analysis and pre-project investigation. A typical contract includes an analysis of the current system, design planning for the proposed information system, development of a technical project and a detailed implementation diagram.

Analysis of the current system:

  • description of needs handled by the current information system and an analysis of needs that are not being handled by the current information system;
  • analysis of the organizational structure;
  • analysis of the material flowchart;
  • analysis of the functional interface flowchart for the existing information systems;
  • information flow analysis;
  • analysis of records management under the current system.

Design planning for the proposed information system:

  • development of a functionality diagram of the accounting system;
  • development of an information flow diagram;
  • development of a records management diagram.

Development of a “Technical Project” document.

Development of a detailed implementation diagram.