Current Accounting

ALP Group has completed a number of successful projects implementing current (commercial) accounting systems based on the «1C: Enterprise 8 Trade Management» configuration.

The implementation of a current (commercial) accounting system provides:

  • assurance of implementation and effective support of a unified accounting policy for current accounting of trading operations for all companies;
  • automation and a decrease in the time needed for the completion and accounting of trading operations;
  • a decrease in the time needed to prepare financial statements;
  • a decrease in current and business accounting-related labour costs at companies;
  • for the conducting of current accounting for commercial expenses;
  • the ability to upload real-time data from current reports to the business accounting system;
  • integration of the current accounting system with other systems.

ALP Group consultants are experienced in:

  • the implementation of commercial accounting standardization projects (the creation of standardized commercial accounting configurations for branch offices, sales companies, etc.)
  • participation in projects for the development of technical specifications for the implementation of commercial accounting systems based on a standardized commercial accounting policy;
  • the implementation of commercial accounting systems under tight deadlines.


Projects for the implementation of business and tax accounting systems are undertaken based on the following solutions: