Comprehensive Automation

The final goal of automation is the enhancement of the efficiency of company management. Efficiency is achieved by the timely receipt of information for decision making and review of the results of those decisions.

This goal can be broken down into the following component parts:

  • implementation of a unified accounting methodology for all companies;
  • obtaining current data on the financial activities of the companies and improvement in its accuracy;
  • obtaining current data on inventory movement;
  • decrease in the workload involved in the collection and consolidation of data from geographically-dispersed company offices;
  • improvement of efficiency in obtaining data for the accounting of company activity;
  • improvement in the efficiency of the preparation and handling of primary documentation;
  • obtaining current and reliable information on settlements with suppliers and end users;
  • provision of information for making management decisions.

Business automation stages:

  • development of the target architecture of the system;
  • development of operational concepts;
  • development of a standardized accounting policy;
  • completion of pilot projects for the implementation of:
    • a standardized commercial accounting system;
    • a standardized business and tax accounting system;
    • a standardized personnel records system;
    • a standardized management accounting system;
    • a data and budget consolidation system;
  • replication throughout all of the subsystems;
  • support.


ALP Group uses two approaches for completing comprehensive automation projects:

  • comprehensive company automation in a single project divided into several subproject stages;
  • sequential or parallel completion of several projects broken down by the systems being automated (accounting areas).

The choice of approach depends on the organizational structure of the client company, the structure of the accounting system and the company management and the time allowed for completion of the project.