Business and Tax Accounting

The ALP Group has completed a number of successful projects to implement business and tax accounting systems based on the «1C: Accounting 8» configuration.

ALP Group consultants are experienced in:

  • the performance of business accounting standardization projects (creation of standardized business and tax accounting configurations for branch offices, sales companies, etc.)
  • participation in projects involving the development of standardized business and tax accounting policies, including common business transactions, accounting policy statements, etc.;
  • implementation of business and tax accounting systems under tight deadlines.

Why is accounting standardization necessary?

Having a unified accounting system permits:

  • enhancement of data quality and reliability both within individual entities (branches) as well as in the company group (holding company) overall;
  • a decrease in accounting costs;
  • a substantial decrease in system maintenance costs.

Standardization of business and tax accounting permits:

  • enhancement of management effectiveness by enabling transparency of financial activities at the company level;
  • a decrease in the preparation period for business accounts (for example, achieving “quick closings”)
  • a decrease in labour costs for account preparation;
  • the assurance of implementation and effective support of the standardized accounting policy for the companies.


Business and tax accounting system implementation projects are handled using the following solutions: