1С: Records Management 8

“1C: Records Management 8” is an automation solution for records management appropriate for the automation of the handling of records at all stages of its life cycle and is used at companies in a wide spectrum of sizes and industry applications.

“1C: Records Management 8” allows:

  • the organization of document-related employee tasks, excludes the possibility of losses of revisions or confusion between sections during simultaneous operations;
  • a decrease in search time for required information and total time spent overall on document handling;
  • an increase in the quality of finished material (plans, documentation, etc.) allowing for the solution of a wide variety of outstanding issues and organization of user activity;

“1C: Records Management 8” is not industry specific and can be effectively used both in the public sector and in commercial enterprises for resolution of the following needs:

  • control of business processes involving records management: instructions, agreements, document registration, task accomplishment, etc.;
  • parallel handling of electronic and paper records management;
  • accounting of official company documents: incoming, outgoing, organizational and managerial.

This solution provides such capabilities as convenient and quick access to stored files, file sharing and data access via the internet and individualized customization of users’ workspaces.